When Godparents are in the picture it becomes a very positive, holistic and protective environment for children. Love should always come from multiple parental figures that are vetted and charged with supporting and caring for your children when you need help and can no longer provide the necessary care your children need. Godparents can make a big difference in  your life and the life of your children.


This study analyzes godparenthood networks in Helsingborg, Sweden, in the period 1688–1709, from a gender perspective. Special concern is devoted to the social relations underlying the godparenthood of women and men, respectively, with the focus on women. In Helsingborg, in the period 1688–1709, godparent relations formed a gender-specific social-hierarchical network pattern in which women played a prominent part. Married women, if not kin to the parents, were chosen as godparents primarily from social strata higher than the biological parents, thus expressing the vertical relations. Married men were chosen primarily from the same social groups as the parents, expressing horizontal social relationships. read more


Fagerlund, S. (2000). Women and men as godparents in an early modern swedish town. The history of the Family5(3), 347-357.