In all the joy and excitement of the holidays, we often forget that there are those of us who experience grief and depression due in part to many things. Sometimes our intention is for everyone else to have such a great Christmas that we get caught up in the stress of creating a perfect experience. Or maybe we’ve lost someone very close and dear to us around this time that we get trapped in the sadness of remembering this difficult time. Anger masks pain in most instances and we as human beings have the tendency to allow this anger to consume us. That is why we have new Christmas figures such as The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge.

But what did these storybook characters have in common? They were able to change their way of thinking after eye opening experiences. After the Grinch had stolen everything he thought made this holiday great, he still found the Who’s rejoicing, leaving the Grinch to mull over the concept that  “maybe Christmas is a little more…” Scrooge made himself and all those around him miserable, but when he his eyes were opened to change by the three spirits, he quickly took on a new meaning of Christmas.

We have to be able to change our mindset and learn how to appreciate what God has given us. In this holiday season, if we learn to be grateful, it will help us through some of the most difficult circumstances. Let’s change our way of thinking for the new year!

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