I’m just going to come right out and say it… Saying “I’m sorry” is TOUGH! It’s something about those two words that don’t easily fall off my tongue. Especially when in your heart of hearts you truly don’t believe you’re the one at fault.

But Al Laws and Gregg Harris share with us something that is SO powerful in the latest Advice4Life episode. Don’t under estimate the power in “I’m sorry.” Those two simple words are huge! In the live session with Marie, Mr. Laws tells her to do something we didn’t expect… tell the other person she’s sorry. But wait, isn’t the other guy the one that won’t spend any time with their son?? Even I got squinty-eyed at that one.

The truth is, once a situation has set a negative tone, we should be able to take on the task of steering in another direction. Your apology acts as a blinker, let the other person know what direction you want to go. When you say you’re sorry, it means so much more than admitting you’re wrong. (Although, when you are wrong you should most definitely apologize!) Marie definitely is not wrong for what she feels. However, she can say I’m sorry that the situation has taken a not so auspicious turn. When you say I’m sorry, you are digging into your pride and making yourself bare just to make peace. Advice4Life tells us that once we have apologized, we then affirm the other person and show understanding toward their thoughts and feelings. It is then you both can continue to move forward.

Don’t be afraid to give someone your best.

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