“Keep moving forward; relationships are sensitive.”

“Love is something we were sent here to do; that is our prime directive.” – Al Laws, Jr. #Advice4Life 

Relationships are sensitive. There are constant ebb and flow and a rolling with the punches that we all have to endure. There are ups and inevitable downs – downs that come with the arguments and disagreements. Do you react or respond to these conflicts? At one point or another, we get to a place where we recognize that our response needs to be different. We can’t follow the same patterns that we have because apparently, something wasn’t working for us in the past.

Keep moving forward. Sometimes it takes looking in the mirror and saying, “I have to do this.” You have to reach inside of yourself and change YOU. You have to recognize what you have been doing and make the decision to alter your frame of mind, only then can your actions change. Only then can you get some different outcomes. Taking charge in the healing of a relationship can be accomplished in many different ways – allowing yourself to become vulnerable, become humble, non-judgemental, and honest. It takes a lot, especially when you’re so accustomed to acting in one way. But it’s what you have to do to make things work. People say they want to change all the time. People say they will change. You have to do it.

Any motive in a relationship needs to come from a place of love. When your ultimate goal is to love another person, everything else will fall into place.

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