The Awareness Wheel is a great tool to discover things about ourselves and others. There’s something about taking the time to really know your own intentions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions that open you up to others. When you look inside yourself, you will more likely be able to manifest feelings of empathy and forgiveness. There’s a certain freedom that comes with the ability to forgive and that’s something that we can all work toward.

Advice4Life listeners were introduced to Linda the other week. She came to Al Laws and Gregg Harris with concerns that are all too familiar for families throughout the world. Today, blended families – although beautiful and special – come with their own set of issues they must deal with. One of these issues is co-parenting. At the end of her and her ex-husband’s relationship, they both made the decision that although they were not able to get their marriage right; they were going to give their all to parenting. Somewhere along the way, it became apparent to Linda that there was some sort of disconnect between her ex-husband’s intention and his behavior. A sense of hopelessness has overcome her as she has tried continuously to increase her ex-husband’s involvement in their children’s lives.

Throughout the next few weeks, we will follow Linda’s journey to forgiveness and understanding. As we take a look at her process, let’s also look inside ourselves and see what we can do to mend our relationships with others.

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