You can’t change someone.Remember that.  As much as you want to, it’s an unrealistic expectation. The only person you can change is yourself. We learn that in our last meeting with Linda on Advice4Life.

Sometimes you find yourself in a relationship where the only exchanges between the two of you leave you feeling defensive and helpless. It’s a constant power struggle that can last for years. When you are emotionally attacked, you have a decision to make. Will you respond or react? For those of us who are fighters by nature, it’s hard for someone to come at you and for you to remember who you are.

Never forget who you are.

Don’t find yourself in a place where you barely recognize yourself. Don’t let someone’s words or actions bring out a version of you that is anything but the very best.

In that moment, choose to look at yourself and what you can do to improve a situation. Can you talk it out or should you walk away? Again, you can’t change someone. Their thought process is their thought process. But yours can come from a place of righteousness and truth. Shake off that disappointment and frustration and approach the situation in another way. Take away your projections of what you expect a person to be and deal with who is right in front of you. And maybe, just maybe, when someone sees that you have been able to take that responsibility over yourself, they will begin to gain a sense of responsibility themselves.

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