“Love is something we were sent here to do, that is our prime directive.” – Al Laws, Jr. #Advice4Life 

Being in love is very complex. It has a way to make the entire world beautiful but can put you in a constant state of turmoil all at the same time. Sometimes you say I love you with sweet words or sometimes you say I love you with simple gestures. Love can feel like that funny feeling in your stomach or that cloudiness in your head. Either way, one thing is for certain all across the board – being in love is work. This week, Al Laws bring his wife. Aisha, on Advice4Life, to share her thoughts on how to stay in love.

It’s no secret that the “honeymoon” phase is the most fun. Everything is just so new and exciting! It’s easy to see the most beautiful things in a person during this time, and it’s easy to put forth only the wonderful things within yourself. However, eventually the honeymoon comes to an end, and you are left to make a very conscious decision – are you in it to win it? “When you love someone, you automatically have a responsibility,” Mrs. Aisha Laws reminds us. We have a responsibility toward the other person AND we have a responsibility to ourselves.

There are a few things we need to remember when we are in love. First, before we can love another, we must be able to love ourselves, and we cannot do that until we understand how God loves us. The second is to be able to trust your vulnerabilities to another person – when we say we love someone, God is testing us to see what we will manifest when these insecurities show up. Will it truly be love? Third, we have to make ourselves open and available to love – just let it in! Lastly, while we keep our hearts open, we must remember to protect the temples that are our bodies. What good is a spirit of love without a house? You had the human right to keep yourself safe and protected physically.

There’s so much more to love than the fluttery feeling inside of you. Help it thrive by creating depth and substance.

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