Let’s say you pick a flower, it’s in full bloom with bright colors that catch all the right sunlight. It’s easy to want to have that flower, it’s easy to think that flower is beautiful. It’s easy to love that flower. Because who wouldn’t love the lovely? Now what if you picked a flower that was a bit brown on the edges, petals a tad shriveled. It’s still a flower, isn’t it? Is it still beautiful? Is it still lovely?

We are only human. We can’t smile and laugh and have our hair perfect all the time. We won’t always say the right things or do the right things. We’re not going to be able to control our reactions when we are disappointed, upset, angry, or sad. We will never be perfect. But what do we want? Someone who loves us perfectly. Just as God does.

When we are in a relationship that is strong and true, we are asking our partner to love us through our faults and shortcomings; all the while, trusting that they do this without being asked. So if this is what we want, how can we not expect the same from our partner? When we have chosen to love someone, we are making the commitment to remove judgement from ourselves AND judgement for another person. We are called to extract and  celebrate the good and beauty that is inherent in each person. In turn, the good and beauty within us will also be brought to light.

So the next time we find ourselves not giving our very best to another person – whether it’s because we have been offended or hurt – know that on the other side, someone else is loving our imperfections. Just as we must love them.

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