It’s okay to be angry. The Bible even tells us so. But sometimes we think anger will do something that it won’t.

Let’s look at the reasons that we get angry in our relationships with other people. Can you think of the last time you were angry with someone you love? What happened? In other posts, we talked about the importance of being open and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to another person. This experience lends itself to a level of fear. Circling back to the Awareness Wheel, our intention may be to “protect”, because what we feel is “fear” and we will, oftentimes, behave in “anger”.

As human beings, we immediately default to being angry. We feel like it gives us some kind of upper hand or power. It’s what we go to when we can’t identify that we feel hurt, disappointed or afraid. But in reality, anger is a deceptive feeling. It doesn’t accomplish what we think it’s going to accomplish. To act out in anger is to take the easy way out.

So the next time we feel ourselves getting angry, take a minute to really figure out why we feel that way and how we got there in the first place. Once we’re able to understand ourselves, we can start to create a better outcome.

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