How many of us have sat and thought about what the perfect relationship entails? How many of us have “good communication” at the top of the list?

Now how many of us know what good communication really is?

Good communication is being able to share thoughts and feelings in a non-injurious way. Do we feel like we can truly do this in our relationships? Or do we take on the thoughts and feelings of our partner? Do we believe they are our own?

Beware of co-dependency in a relationship. Yes, when we decide to share our lives with someone we are making the decision to become one. But does that mean we should lay down our autonomy?

Co-dependent relationships can be categorized as group think. We don’t feel safe or empowered enough to share your own thoughts and feelings that you take on the thoughts and feelings of the partner who has the dominant personality.

Now when we are co-dependent, we are joining out partners around their feelings, but it’s at the expense of our own. On the other hand, the dominant figure believes they are saving or maintaining the partner because they feel that they are right. A lot of this is unintentional, but we still need to keep a watchful eye so as to avoid having our relationships morph.

Do not bring your relationship into a level of co-dependency. Do not accept excuses. Do not make up excuses for how individuals are or for what they do. Don’t feel like it is your duty to protect or save them. It is impossible for you to maintain your own life when you become someone else’s life thread. Independence in thought and your ability share in an effective way will be your true power.

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