When you look in the mirror, do you recognize the person staring back? Do you remember who you are? Advice4Life introduces theAwareness Wheel – a way for us to see our own process, understand our intentions, thoughts, and feelings. Knowing ourselves and knowing our process allows us to cast down any imaginations or untruths in our relationships.

Many times in our relationships, we are motivated by what we think is right and things we feel is the way it should be – simply because we believe we’ve done this all before. We may be rehearsing an experience that we had in a previous relationship or maybe just another relationship in our life. Some of us are guilty of this – how many times have we held another person to the same standard as someone else? Projected the same thoughts, ideas, and outcome onto a completely different person? When we apply the same structure to another person that you did in a previous relationship, you will corrupt the morals of that person and that relationship.

The Awareness Wheel helps us identify our thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions and sensations. Knowing ourselves is extremely helpful in the way that we are able to express ourselves a little bit better. This way, in our interactions, we know where we went wrong and know exactly how to get ourselves back to the place we need to be. Once we are able to know ourselves we gain a better self image. So, take a look in that mirror again and let us know what you see!

Listen to the podcast, “Awareness Wheel Pt.1” here!