How is it already almost mid-November? The days are shorter, the weather’s colder and this year’s almost over! That being said, we’ve covered quite a bit in the last few months and it’s time that we get a little refresher. How has Family Strengthening affected your life?

This week, we’re going to do a quick recap of everything we’ve covered over the last few months! We’ve learned that Family Strengthening is a way for us to do our relationships a little differently than before. The base of the model can be found in the 7 Rules of Family Strengthening:

  1. Not Finding Fault
  2. Finding the Good
  3. Think Something Good
  4. Do Something Good
  5. Living up to the power of your own choice
  6. Don’t look for the fruit of your actions
  7. Be single pointed

How have your relationships and interactions changed since practicing the skills? Learning how to improve you relationships and changing your communication skills can be a daunting task. We aren’t saying that the people you find yourself in an altercation with are without fault. We’re just saying that it would be best if that’s not what you put your focus on. The key to Family Strengthening is that you must acknowledge the aspect and place where a person is successful and put your attention there. As long as we remain non-injurious in our interactions and communications – we get Family Strengthening.

Listen to the re-cap here: