How can we be better? How can being better change everything else? As human beings, we must always strive to be a better person than we were yesterday, this applies when we are in a relationship with another person. Over the past few weeks, Advice4Life has been discussing the wars that rage within us and going over different tools that can be of great use when we’re trying to build healthy and long standing relationships with other people.

Al Laws and Gregg Harris introduce the concept of mirrors regarding Family Strengthening in last week’s episode of Advice4Life. What is your intention every time you look into a mirror, It’s typical to make sure everything about your outer self is in place and when it’s not, we do what it takes to make it BETTER? Mirrors are a way to reflect back what you say, what you hear, and what you do. When we are in conflict with someone we care about, it is our job to reflect what people say to us without being injurious. When we look in an actual mirror and don’t like what we see (maybe a hair is out of place or your lipstick smear), it’s obvious that the mirror isn’t trying to offend us – we are giving off that image ourselves. It’s all coming from YOU! Likewise, when we are acting as a mirror, let our intent not be to defend or offense, but actually to inform or improve. It is then that we can communicate effectively and work past the issues that are bothering both sides. So this week, let’s practice being a mirror to the people that we care about and see what changes come about from all around us.

Listen to the “Wars Among Us Pt. 3” podcast here: