It’shutterstock_109617497s happened to us all once, twice, maybe a few times – we do something that you think will help a heated situation and it sort of just blows up in your face. Did you mean for that to happen? Of course not.  But it happened and you need to figure out what your next step is.

Just as the bible says, be quick to hear and slow to speak. When you do not get what who are expecting or ready to receive, you have a choice in that very moment of whether or not you will be offended. When we’ve been offended, we tend to put up a fence around us in protection. We get discouraged in our communication. However, what we really should do in these moments, is not think of ourselves but think of the other person. The question to yourself is “Do I get offended or is my partner just trying to get me to listen?” Will you look at this situation and see the good or will you immediate shut off? Gregg Harris tells us that when “you as the agent are coming from a place of love, your union will find its place of strength”.

We all know this: misery loves company and offense finds friends. It’s inevitable that your offense will grow, sometimes out of proportion and become debilitating and paralyzing. You find yourself in a place of hopelessness – thinking something bad, probably going to say something bad, then ultimately doing something bad. As an agent of love, you must cast down that imagination of offense and its friends and see the good that is coming from your partner. What are they trying to tell you? What is it that they need from you? Once you’re able to change your mindset and reconfigure your behavior – THAT’S how you win in your relationships.

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