Family Strengthening really works! This past weekend, we followed up with Marie who took Al Laws’ and Gregg Harris’ advice and spoke with her ex-husband about the issue at hand. Just a refresher, Marie came to  Advice4Life with an issue that many of us face in our lives. Marie made the decision to separate from her husband, however she had hoped that her ex would remain active in their son’s life. Unfortunately, he wasn’t holding up his end of the bargain. Mr. Laws and Mr. Harris went through and offered their insight on what Marie should do. This included taking a look at her own process, finding the good in him, and apologizing for the negativity that she contributed.

Her actions warranted a surprising reaction. He apologized too. Not only that, her ex-husband stated “I don’t know how I lost myself.” How powerful is that? Her self-reflection encouraged a self-reflection of his own. Marie then updated us with her family’s new and regular interactions and communication. Her young son is now able to speak to his father whenever he wants – whether it’s in person visits or through Facetime. We’re so glad that Marie and her ex-husband were able to work out their issues and can  and effectively.

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