Last week, Al Laws and Gregg Harris continued the conversation about the Awareness Wheel. The Awareness Wheelenables us to see our process to track and realize what we really meant to do when we find ourselves in a tense situation with a loved one. There is a certain comfort and certainty in being able to track where you are in your thoughts, feelings and actions. The Awareness Wheel takes on the biblical principle that God divides our spirit into pieces so that we may be more open to him. The Awareness Wheel divides aspects of who we are so that we may better understand ourselves.

We must get in the habit of being in touch with our own feelings; be aware of what you feel and TELL the other person what and how you’re feeling. So many times, we charge someone else with “You don’t know how I feel!” We must be the ones to take that into our own account and let them know exactly what is going on. It takes practice, but soon enough we will be able to zero in on our emotions and communicate it with the other person.

Listen to the podcast “Awareness Wheel Pt. 2” here!